About List of X

An Ostensibly Funny Commentary* of the Recent News and Events.
(* warning! may not actually be funny or commentary. Also, since I am not quite sure what “ostensibly” means, it may not be “ostensibly” either.).  This blog is devoted to lists of 10 jokes, so it would only be appropriate if the About me page would be in the same form.  So…

1)  You may be wondering what List of X means… Well, X is Roman for 10. I don’t know why Romans used X and not 10, and I am sure Romans had no idea what they were doing either. If they knew what they were doing, their empire would probably still be around.

2)  So far, no one had asked me about the X. That either means what whoever reads this blog is either an educated person who knows all about Romans and their numbering conventions, or just came here for the humor. I am perfectly fine with either. If you came upon this blog by accident, I will therefore place you into the “educated reader” category. If you are reading this, then, obviously, you can read and use the Internet, so I think that’s fair.

3)  Also, “X” means that I prefer to remain anonymous. Yet I still hope that people read my blog, and believe that the posts are good on their own merit. From that you can rightly deduce that I am an unsocial and attention-starved optimist.

4)  I don’t work for David Letterman. No, he had not offered. However, I have made a deal with him: he does not read my blog, and I don’t watch his show. Please note, that as a part of the deal, David Letterman is legally required to deny the very existence of any deal.

5)  I am not one of lesser-known X-men either, and I am not remotely interested in joining. I just don’t have adequate superpower to fight evil at a professional level. How could I ever hope to battle against a man who can control and throw sharp metals object with his brain, when my only superpower consists of making and throwing sharp and snarky remarks with my brain? Therefore, I have modified my mission to mocking evil at a professional level.

6)  I am not planning to write about myself on this blog. And that’s not because I think that my life is boring. No, I am simply holding out for a professional biographer to write a best-selling hardcover book about me.

7)  English is not my first language. I have learned it by reading penis enlargement offers, Viagra ads and letters from Nigeria which I receive in my inbox. This is my official excuse for whenever my grammar is off, so please don’t blame my shoddy proofreading. Besides, my aforementioned learning materials weren’t big on proofreading either.

8)  The information on this blog is for entertainment purposes only. No animals have been harmed by the attempted humor. Humans… not so much.

9)  There’s nothing here, because some things about me I want to keep private.

10) I realize that 10 jokes can sometimes be way too much entertainment for 1 post, so I also have a Twitter account to post one-liners. My name there is @ListofX. Let me be your leader! I mean, feel free to follow me there. Don’t worry. I am not paranoid and I am not afraid to be followed.

All posts here are original and (c), but it is ok to copy and reproduce them as long as you reference this blog as a source.  

contact e-mail: listofxmail@gmail.com

Header image created with the help of Ransom Note Generator.


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106 Responses to About List of X

  1. funny stuff on here!!


  2. freddyflow says:

    Humor? You’ve got it LoXed down…

    “LoX, you complete me,” said the bagel.

    Nice writing, my friend, and thanks for visiting my site!


  3. freddyflow says:

    You have been nominated for The Most Perspiring Blogger Award!


  4. I like you’re format here. It’s a great way to express relevant ideas with humor. And thanks for commenting on my site!


  5. robinhood63 says:

    Thanks for all the likes.
    Your blog is very funny with great content. I’m not done reading it all yet but I know that eventually I will.
    Great work!!


  6. voluntaryfiber says:

    Mr. X, i have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award (I know…) It’s like a mutual-admiration chain letter. To accept your nomination, please see today’s post on my home page. To view a correct version of the award logo, please see http://healingforthenation.com/2012/06/16/one-lovely-blogger-award/ My graphic is by Graphics Without Borders. Congratulations!


  7. A. Wade says:

    Nice to meet you. You have a great site. Look forward to reading your posts!


  8. MaximumWage says:

    Holy crap what a great idea for a blog…. Do you ever get tired of list format though? I know I do from time to time.


  9. MaximumWage says:

    Also, nice blog BTW. list of X makes so much more sense now.


  10. bernasvibe says:

    **Love the concept. Original and excellent way to make folks aware of world happenings..2 thumbs UP


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  12. rossmurray1 says:

    I was positive I had followed you months ago.


  13. Paul says:

    Thanks for the comment at DTP, and I’ll gladly let you lead me on Twitter.


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  15. runningonsober says:

    Between you and the How to Blog blog, I am up way past my bedtime! Very funny and entertaining stuff you have here, happy to find you! I’ll be following, Christy


  16. JustALier says:

    I love love love your blog! I hope to one day be as funny as you!!!


  17. Can’t believe I didn’t *like* this “about” post the first, second, third now fourth time I read it. What ever could I have been thinking…?


  18. Love your stuff…You remind me of me but funnier…Hehehehehe….Just kidding abut you being funnier…:).


    • List of X says:

      Thank you! You may well possibly be funnier than I am – but we’d have to read all of each other posts, get judges we can trust, so that we can decide who’s funnier. Let’s just say it’s a tie 🙂


  19. Dear X I was able to click the follow button in my very first attempt. My grammar sucks but at least my eye hand co ordination is good.
    love your Blog 🙂


    • List of X says:

      Thank you! It appears that you are the first to hit it on the first try, since no one else had claimed to have achieved that! Congratulations! And I think my grammar sucks too, because I see no problem with yours.


  20. Thank so much for dropping by wePoets. I give you an X for that! We would love to showcase your humour should you want to share. Minus Viagra and Enlargement jokes maybe..


    • List of X says:

      And thank you for returning the visit! I actually already considered a post idea for your blog, but I wasn’t able to turn it into a real post. But if I ever write a finished poem, I will keep you in mind. I’ll even try to minimize the number of Viagra jokes.


      • My pleasure! Just so you know it doesn’t have to be poetry to be showcased, it’s art in all it’s forms and we could use some humor! Heck leave in the Viagra jokes just the thought makes me giggle! 😉


  21. iamjjstone says:

    From now on I’m only going to rely on your blog for news. Glad I found it! 🙂


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  24. You have made a fine start with this introduction to your humor and I am entirely looking forward to reading your archival and upcoming material. Gee, it is fortunate I stumbled in. In the meantime, you have a valid point about the Romans not quite having it all together (after the first 500 years or so of empire). Maybe “X” was their signature and it meant too many flunked out of school.


  25. Trent Lewin says:

    All right, your PMAO interview has established you as force to be reckoned with… and followed in some stalkerish, creepy way.


  26. mollytopia says:

    I’m totally late to the party but psyched to be here! Are there still cocktails? You are FUNNY. Yay!


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  28. Trent Lewin says:

    X, no post this week? What gives? I need some well-aimed humour in my life!


  29. Torbs says:

    Feeling the vibe buddy and that is some list! Enjoyed it. Be seein’ ya…


  30. annetbell says:

    Thanks for the visit and like. i hope you will return again and soon. Big smiles!


  31. dorannrule says:

    Your brand of humor has me chuckling even when I move on to the next ostensibly mesmerizing thing. So, as and “educated reader” I have decided to follow you. In short, your blog is hilarious and I can’t wait to read more! 🙂


  32. Ankur Mithal says:

    Got the notification but unable to access yr “How to be President” post. Pls check settings and re-publish.


  33. Gibber says:

    I’m really trying to bear the weight of 10 jokes,it’s just so heavy though..


  34. Hilarious site!!!! Glad I found you via your comment on my guest post on Blogdramedy. Будем здоровы!


  35. Anonymous says:

    This made me create a snot bubble out my nose. But in a good way.


  36. Trent Lewin says:

    Oy X – 2015 needs a jolt in the right direction, come on we need something outta you!


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  38. Good Going.!! Enjoyed reading this piece.!


  39. Hello, Thanks for checking out my blog. I started reading yours and could not help being entertained from the get-go! Look forward to more entertainment.


  40. Ah, the X. I get it. I’m half Roman and half Sicilian.


  41. X marks the spot? Gonna go to Twitter too and see what you got going on.


  42. You then have no mother tongue, no larger identity, no subjectivity (goddam). Are you kind of a concept? 😀


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  44. Daal says:

    am so glad I happened here 🙂


  45. I feel like I should be concerned that you made a banner using something called a “Ransom Note Generator,” but I’m not. This could end badly… Let’s hope not.

    Also, until reading this I totally thought your blog was called “List of [ex]” as in the letter x or finding the variable x.


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