Beyond The List

You may have already noticed that I chose a very narrow niche for this blog: mock analysis of news and politics in lists of 10 supposedly funny jokes.  However, occasionally I write something that, in my opinion, deserves to be posted, but just does not fit the List of X niche, no matter how hard I try to squeeze it in.  Thankfully, there are other bloggers who are kind enough to adopt these misfit posts as guest posts on their blogs.  Although, giving some support to my “deserved to be posted” claim, WordPress had featured two of these guest posts on Freshly Pressed page, as opposed to nothing on this blog.

If you like my posts on List of X, you might like these guest posts too.  And definitely check out these great blogs that have so graciously accepted my work:

A Brief History Of War Between Star Wars’ Galactic Empire and Tolkien’s Middle Earth, at Trent Lewin;

10 Things Most People Learned About Science From Watching TV, at Bald Scientist;

A Pornography Fan’s Review Of Miley Cyrus’ Performance At Video Music Awards, at Alice At Wonderland;

10 Guys On Online Dating Sites You Should Avoid, at Berna’s Vibe;

Biting The Hand That Feeds Me (An Open Letter To Monsanto), at The Outlier Collective

10 Reasons Why WordPress Hates The Hook, at You’ve Been Hooked;

Ten Dumbest Things Gun Nuts Always Say, at The Life Of Kylie

10 Questions For The Republican Party, at The Big Picture Report

A Plea For Your Help, From People for the Ethical Treatment of Rich Americans, also at The Big Picture Report

TSA Deems Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Nearly As Threatening As A Baby, at Rawful News

Because I love giving unsolicited advice to people about what they should or shouldn’t do, I wrote several posts for the The Official How To Blog:

How To Write A Blog: 10 Obligatory Blog Posts Every Blogger Has To Write At Least Once (featured on Freshly Pressed);

How To Become A Better Public Speaker In 7 Steps

How To Celebrate The Fourth Of July

How To Mix Blogging And Working Successfully

How To Survive The Black Friday Shopping

How To Go To The Bathroom In The Office

Finally, I wrote over 20 posts that are almost completely free of all political and news-related content, but hopefully not completely free of humor, for the Army of Awesome People.  A few of these posts:

Six Hit Songs That Make Absolutely No Sense,

9 Ways To Make Your Own Funeral Fun (featured on Freshly Pressed),

10 Things I Would Never Do On Facebook (And Neither Should You).

You can find all my posts written for the Army Of Awesome People by clicking here.  And definitely check out the work of other writers on the blog.

Guest posts on List of X are welcome, as long as they are in the same form as the posts on this blog: humorous top ten lists about current events.  If interested, please e-mail me at listofxmail @ gmail . com.

13 Responses to Beyond The List

  1. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Hello, List of X – Wanted to let you know I’m going to do a very short post about passports in the next couple of days, and I’m going to add your comment about scanning your passport and emailing it to yourself. My post will by no means be as witty as your normal posts, but informative and something that will help my readers. Full credit to you, of course. Cheers, Deborah

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  2. mcnorman says:

    X you make me laugh and that is a feat in itself. 😀

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  4. bernasvibe says:

    Ahhhh didn’t realize you’d guest blogged on so many spots..I’ll for sure check them out..I’m working on a topic that I can ask you to 10list for me again

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    • List of X says:

      Yes, I’m not letting myself out of the “List of 10 on current events” cage for this blog, which means if I write anything that doesn’t fit the standard, it can’t be posted on List of X. So something like a quarter of my posts were posted as guest posts somewhere else. And sure, if you give me an idea, I will be happy to try to write another post for you.


  5. dentaleggs says:

    Many thanks for visiting the site.

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  6. Baldscientist says:

    Hi! This is Baldscientist, long time no “talk”! I was having fun with some friend on FB about the kinds of things that Trump may announce to distract us from the Russian scandal. I suggested, that he will announce that Roswell was real and the extraterrestrials are here. A friend came up with the announcement that they captured the chupacabra, and another one said that he will announce the zombie apocalypse. Feel free to use these and add 7 more!!! Greetings!!!!!

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  7. List of X,
    Glad I finally followed you to your blog. Looks like one I will enjoy very much.

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