10 Reasons Why Eggs Are So Damn Expensive

If you have been to a supermarket trying to buy a carton of eggs, you must have noticed that eggs have gotten really expensive, double or triple the price a year ago. Eggs are so expensive that some people now think it’s spelled “eggspensive”. Many people are blaming inflation, but prices for most products didn’t go up nearly as much. Here are 10 real reasons why eggs are so freaking expensive.

Whole Foods will now carry eggs made out of 22 carat gold so that its organic free range eggs would seem somewhat affordable.

1) Some chickens have found better employment opportunities at Chick-Fil-A and KFC.

2) The supply chain crisis revealed that American chickens didn’t actually lay any eggs, but instead outsourced all of the egg-laying to chickens in China.

3) Too many birds did not survive the last bird flu pandemic because they did not trust the bird flu vaccines and in generally believed in a ridiculous conspiracy theory that humans all over the world are stealing and eating their eggs.

4) Chicken farms had faced a chick production crisis after roosters have learned about and appreciated the importance of consent.

5) The initiative to move from paper to digital did not work as well as expected with paper egg cartons.

7) It cost a lot of money to settle a major lawsuit on unauthorized use of a corporate brand name filed against chickens by Shell.

8) Progressive chickens were concerned about lack of diversity within eggs since eggs only contain yolks and whites.

9) Too many chickens had their nest eggs invested in crypto when it all crashed.

10) Hens worry about wars, pandemics, inflation and are simply not sure they want to bring another egg into this world.

Note, I do realize that the name said “10 reasons”, but number 6 was broken so I had to throw it away.


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