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10 Things To Expect During The GOP Convention In Tampa

The 2012 Republican National Convention had formally began on Monday in Tampa, Florida.  The convention schedule had been cut short due to the tropical storm Isaac, but the convention is expected to begin in full force on Tuesday.  Here are … Continue reading

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Earlier this week, county Judge Tom Head, of Lubbock county, Texas, gave an interview where he described the doomsday scenario that would befall the country if Barack Obama is re-elected.  According to Judge Head, Barack Obama will hand over the sovereignty of … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Picked Paul Ryan As His Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Last week, Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate on his election ticket. Given Mitt Romney’s tendency to backtrack and change his mind, I have, of course, given him some time to rethink his choice. But since after … Continue reading

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10 Reminders From Mitt Romney’s Overseas Trip Planner

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney went on a overseas trip, visiting England, Israel, and Poland.  This travel was meant to help burnish Mitt Romney foreign policy credentials, as well as help him avoid the American media for a few days. … Continue reading

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