10 Reasons Why the Dutch Government Is Banning Foreigners From Amsterdam Coffee Shops

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The government of Netherlands is planning to ban all foreign tourists from the Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops where marijuana and hashish are legally available.  (http://www.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/06/07/amsterdam.pot.shops.ban).  According to the law, these coffee shops will be open to Dutch citizens only.  Here are 10 reasons why the Dutch government is banning foreigners from the coffee shops.

1) They want to redirect the tourist traffic to the Red Light District.

2) A purple mermaid on the bicycle had told them that it’s a really excellent idea.

3) The Dutch government is trying to encourage immigration to the country.

4) The law is the work of the powerful illegal drug dealers lobby.

5) It was estimated that the measure would reduce crime by 178.8%, according to the statistical model created by the purple mermaid on the bicycle.

6) They are hoping that USA will follow the suit in their fight against obesity by banning French fries for everyone except for French citizens.

7) Because tourists in coffee shops represent by far the biggest problem facing Europe right now.

8) The Dutch government is worried that due to the climate change, there won’t be enough pot for everyone.

9) The law would help the Dutch immigration officials to easily distinguish between tourists and locals by simply checking who is drunk and who is stoned.

10) The government is concerned that the current revenue coming from the coffee shops may cause excess money supply in the economy and result in a hyperinflation, according to the analysis done by the purple mermaid.

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