10 New Hit Political TV Shows


I am not a real candidate, but I play one on TV! (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Politics often makes for entertaining TV, as demonstrated by new hit political shows such as Veep on HBO, Political Animals on USA, and Romney campaign on every other channel.  And if we ever think that there are not enough political shows already, here are 10 potential new political TV shows that could be made.

1)  America’s Biggest Liar:  Mitt Romney makes outrageous claims about his business record, American economy and his tax returns, some of which may even be true.  The show will feature celebrity judges, including Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton.

2)  House M.D.: An antisocial maverick doctor is trying to treat mental problems affecting the antisocial maverick members of the House of Representatives.  435 episodes planned, with 335 of those episodes devoted solely to Michele Bachmann.

3)  So You Think You Can Vote:  A group of ingenious state lawmakers in Alabama is trying to devise the state’s Voter ID law to prevent the five registered Democrats in the state from ever voting again.

4)  The Office:  A cast of wacky and lovable characters are fighting for the chance to win the job at the Oval Office.  Don’t miss the season finale on November 6, 2012!  And remember to tune in for the next season kicking off on November 7!

5)  The Flintstones:  The real life adventures of the modern stone-age family from Oklahoma, who believe that all gays should be killed, contraception is evil, and that everyone else should be living in the stone age too.

6)  Lie To Me:  Watch it 24/7 only on Fox News!

7)  The Family Guy:  Follow the amazing adventures of the smooth-talking ladies man Newt Gingrich as he starts a new family every week.  Rated R for Republican.

8)  King of the Hill:  The teary-eyed Capitol Hill leader Johh Boehner is trying to keep his unruly party in check, while doing his best to still get enough tan to look like Snookie from Jersey Shore.

9)  Who Wants To Be A Job Creator:  An updated version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but with bigger tax cuts!

10)  Mad About You:  A group of Tea Party misfits who are mad about Obama, embark on a desperate quest to find Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Starring Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who playing a law enforcement officer.

Please feel free to pitch your own show.


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22 Responses to 10 New Hit Political TV Shows

  1. Matthew says:

    These are all great, but “So You Think You Can Vote” is just too painfully funny. Someone should make a video by that name highlighting all of those anti-democracy efforts being made across the country.


    • List of X says:

      Yes, so many of these shows would be too painful to watch. By the way, did you guess that this post was written with you in mind? 🙂 As in “hey, I know who would enjoy it…”


      • Matthew says:

        Well, you were right! So thank you, and in the spirit of your call for shows, I’d like to pitch America’s Got Policies, in which Mitt Romney’s various policies from over the years compete against each other to see which stance he’ll take in this particular election year. Watch pro-gay rights 1994 Romney go against anti-gay rights 2012 Romney! Will pro-government health care 2006 Romney make it to the finals?


  2. Ape No. 1 says:

    I would love to see number 3. launched in Florida as So You Think We Can Count.


  3. Number 4 is painfully true. I often wonder what politicians would do with their time and resources if they weren’t so busy trying to get re-elected as soon as they got into office.


  4. Could be there is something a bit, strange about a man who spends his time making lists of various fictional items in order to entertain a few million readers online; but to do it for the typical number of readers, bloggers like us have is, well, shear madness. Even when you do as well as you do. I can’t pick a favorite this time. Great list. Family Guy was excellent but then, Ok, I’ve got it.”King of the Hill” had me in stitches. John Boehner would be so perfect for that show.


    • List of X says:

      With all the crazy reality shows out there, I would not be surprised if anyone tried to make a show like The Blogger Wars. But as much as I would be flattered to have a show about me, it would basically be a guy sitting at his computer… typing… thinking… typing some more… more thinking… typing again… And it would be even more boring on TV, I assure you.


  5. America’s Funniest Democrat Videos: Hilarious videos of Democrats trying to do things (anything really), and watching it go hilariously wrong and collapse around them.

    Everybody Loves Republicans: A charming show about Republicans who are wise, benevolent and caring and help straighten out the confused people around them. Probably best shown on the SyFy network.


  6. The Yev says:

    The modern family from Oklahoma is nothing like the Flintstones. The Flintstones bought much more economical cars. They also didn’t marry their cousins.


  7. Laura says:

    Supernatural: Legislators at the state and local level work with school boards to design a new science curriculum.


  8. omawarisan says:

    Unamerican Idol. Crackpots compete to present the most bizarre conspiracy concerning the president’s upbringing. Bonus points awarded according to how far before the president was both the birthers start their conspiracies.


  9. how about ‘The Biggest Loser” starring mittens Rmoney?:
    professional shrinks try to deflate the lyin’ king’s oversized ego, with hannity the manatee as the emcee … just NO shots of the magic undies please ..
    they could have ‘amercia the beautiful” as the theme song ….


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