10 Reactions to the Elections Results

The results of yesterday’s elections were disappointing to some and exciting to others, and few people had exactly the same reaction to the elections outcome.  So here are the reactions to the election results from 10 different people:

1) Christine O’Donnell: “I dabbled in politics.”

2) Barack Obama: “Well… apparently… yes you can too.”

3) John Boehner: “This is not a time for compromise.  (end of actual quote). Because when you compromise you may actually do something useful, and we are not planning on doing anything.”

4) Bob Earl Barnes, 68, of Lexington, KY: “I sent them damn Dammacrats a message that I want no them govurmunt hands on my Social Security!”

5) Jim Mason, 24, of San Francisco: “I am really happy the Giants won!… Elections?  What elections?  Oh, that pot thing….”

6) Republican Leader Mitch McConnell: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president. (end of actual quote)  Did you actually believe that we were going to achieve anything else, or create legislature or basically do anything that we have promised you?  Reeeeally?  Oh well, how silly of you.  Well, remember to vote Republican in 2012!”

7) Tea Party: “Yes!  Finally we are taking this country back, right back into the recession!”

8 ) Floyd Weisgold, Goldman Sachs executive: “We are happy with the way the election has turned out.  Every American business had been concerned about future legislation that could affect them, and this election has ensured that the gridlocked Congress will not pass any new legislation or regulations for at least the next 2 years.  And in completely unrelated news, we will soon be unveiling some new and really exciting financial products available, that are AAA++ rated and backed by completely safe Countrywide mortgages and some Enron stock.”

9) Meg Whitman, ex-CEO of eBay: “Well, at least I can hire illegal immigrants again.”

10) Sarah Palin: “Does this mean that I am the president now?”

About List of X

An Ostensibly Funny Commentary* of the Recent News and Events. (* warning! may not actually be funny or a commentary. Also, since I am not quite sure what "ostensibly" means, it might not be "ostensibly" either.) Blogging at listofx.com
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