10 Reactions To The Fall Of National Christmas Tree

The U.S. National Christmas Tree shines bright...

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Yesterday, strong winds broke and fell a spruce tree in Washington near the White House.  The tree was decorated with lights every December and was known as the National Christmas Tree.  Here are 10 reactions to the fall of National Christmas Tree:

1) Michelle Obama: Barack, how many time I’ve told you to get rid of the Christmas tree?

2) Fox News: This is an inevitable outcome of the government takeover of Christmas trees.  Just look at Canada, you will see millions upon million of fallen trees there!

3) The Huffington Post: But surely you cannot take the blame away from the 8 years of Bush Administration’s failed policies of  environmental destruction.  Besides, most Canadian trees are happy in Canada and very few of these trees actually try to take root in the American soil.

4) The Tea Party: Just like Mubarak fell in Egypt, the tree fell because of the people’s protests!  Obama, you will fall next!

5) Hu Jintao, leader of People’s Republic of China:  These American-made Christmas trees are unreliable garbage.  Buy superior 100% natural and solar-powered Christmas trees from China!

6)  The Weather channel: The cold air front moving from northwest had mixed with the hot air coming out of the Capitol, thus creating dangerous windy conditions.

7) Atheists: By striking down the Christmas tree, God has given us an irrefutable proof that he does not exist and does not want us to celebrate Christmas!

8) Christians: But God did wait for Christmas to be over!  Besides, that poor tree will go to the tree heaven now… to the IKEA.

9) Greenpeace: The changing weather patterns and stronger winds show that now the planet is in danger not only from a global warming, but also from a global winding.

10) Republican Party: If the government does not give the richest 1% of Americans a tax cut, the trees will keep falling!  This is because the richest 1% of Americans create a trickle-down effect that provides the necessary water and nutrients to the trees!

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2 Responses to 10 Reactions To The Fall Of National Christmas Tree

  1. Yev says:

    Since the tree went to heaven, does that mean it did not pollenate before it got married?


  2. List of 10 says:

    all trees must go to heaven, since trees are used for printing Bibles. Thus, a tree must sacrifice itself to bring the word of God to people, much like Jesus Christ.


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