10 Ways How Mitt Romney Cares About Women

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney ...

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A controversy has erupted this week when a Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen claimed that Ann Romney had not worked a day in her life, and Ann responded by tweeting that being a stay-at-home mother is hard work. Rather than quickly fade away from the public view as a petty cat-fight it really was, this squabble has been amplified by the GOP into a large-scale war against for women meant to show how much the Republicans, and especially the presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney, care about the women.  So here are 10 ways how Mitt Romney cares about women.

Mitt cares about women so much, he even married one. (Although, Newt Gingrich has a much better record on that issue)  Clearly, if Mitt cared about American men more, he would have married a man, right?

Spreaking of marrying women, Mitt even chose a religion that recommends taking several women as wives.

Mitt Romney is extremely supportive of a woman’s right to choose, but only as long as the woman chooses what Mitt likes.

Mitt Romney realizes that stay-at-home mom is hard work.  Although, if Mitt Romney truly believed that Ann Romney’s work as a mom constituted an actual job, he would have fired her and hired someone cheaper.

Mitt believes that women must have access to healthcare, unless they live outside of Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney wishes that everyone would just leave his wife alone. Not only she has to manage 5 kids, 2 Cadillacs and a few butlers and nannies, but she also has to put up with Mitt daily!

Mitt Romney is certain that corporations are people too. But among all the companies he deals with, it is the female corporations that hold a special place in his heart: those daughter companies helping him to shield his income from taxes.

Mitt Romney feels strongly that women should have access to free contraception. Or shouldn’t.  Whichever position results in more votes for Mitt.

Mitt Romney hates Hilary Rosen, Rachel Madow, Arianna Huffington, and other many other liberal women, and hating is a form of caring.

Mitt will bet you $10,000 that he understands the problems of poor working women.

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13 Responses to 10 Ways How Mitt Romney Cares About Women

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  2. mcnorman says:

    Bwhahahahaha. Poor Mittens, no one will cut Willard any slack. lol


  3. mcnorman says:

    His spouse did raise the kids without a nanny. I’ll be the first to admit life is much easier with money, but not when you’re ill. All that aside, we try to be good parents each in our own way. I didn’t think Rosen was right in bashing Romney. As soon as she said it, other went after Rosen for her personal lifestyle choice. Also has nothing to do with whether you are a good or poor parent imho.

    My mom had five children and stayed at home. We were as poor as church mice. We did have help with the ironing because back in the day everyone had to have properly ironed clothing. My mother told me that our help didn’t have much to eat so whatever she could make (and give her) helped another family.


    • List of X says:

      Although this post (and the whole blog) is not 100% serious, I grant you that was not easy raising 5 kids being ill and without a nanny (although probably with other domestic help). Still, it would have been harder if she had done all that plus an outside-of-home job as probably most other mothers do.

      This whole debate should have gone like this:
      Rosen: Ann never worked a day in her life!
      Ann Romney: Correct, I have not worked outside of home, but being a mom is a hard work.
      Rosen: That’s true.
      The End.
      But not this year.


      • mcnorman says:

        You got it. Too bad that the MSM doesn’t carry the message like this. Instead they continue the hatefest with ick about Rosen’s partner and how she lives her life as if anyone can walk in another woman’s shoes. pfff.

        I love the list.


  4. Sherry says:

    Nice list! You got some good points here. What was silly was that Rosen’s comments were of course meant in a rather different context and of course the Romneys took full advantage to try to make it into something it was not. Romney fails rather miserably when it comes to women on the issues. And his faux shock has made no appreciable effect on the poll.


  5. Your shameless plug worked…well done! I like it!


  6. omawarisan says:

    What a load of hooey that was for Rosen telling the truth…oy, he can’t lose fast enough.


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