Inner View… # 7

One of my best blogging friends – an artist, science fiction writer, most prolific WordPress commenter, and a very entertaining blogger, Pouring My Art Out, had just interviewed me, asking hard-hitting investigative questions about cows, monkeys, and Dick Cheney. To be entertained and learn approximately nothing about me, please follow the link.
P.S. Don’t mind the PMAO’s crack squirrels, they’re mostly harmless.
P.P.S. Regular lists will resume once my brain thaws out from the deep freeze brought on by the polar vortex.

Pouring My Art Out

Next, we interview the enigmatic mystery that is: List of X. You should really check out: This is some funny stuff. If you like lists… about stuff… then this is the place for you to go… seriously… put it on your list…

Also, I am sad to report that I am no longer taking requests for this interview thing. I have a few more people in line, and by the time we get done, we will all be ready to move on… and I want to finish off with some weird ones, so I might interview an artificial intelligence… and some aliens from my sci-fi novels…

But don’t panic, I will either come up with a new list of questions, or turn this into part of my Crazy Questions series…

Here we go…


1. What do you like best about my blog?

It’s totally unpredictable and indescribable. Wait…

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About List of X

An Ostensibly Funny Commentary* of the Recent News and Events. (* warning! may not actually be funny or a commentary. Also, since I am not quite sure what "ostensibly" means, it might not be "ostensibly" either.) Blogging at
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5 Responses to Inner View… # 7

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    The interview was hilarious * X.


  2. Have you considered tea? It helps relieve the effects of those pesky polar vortexes.

    And nice interview. I especially appreciate that you didn’t preempt any of my answers.


  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Great questions! Great answers!


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