10 Reasons Why Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner Were Re-elected To Lead Their Parties

John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, George Walker Bush.

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A few days ago, both Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have been re-elected by their respective parties to lead their respective parts of House of Representatives.  Except now Pelosi is the minority leader and Boehner leads the majority.  Here are 10 reasons why both were re-elected.

Nancy Pelosi:

1) No one else wanted to take a position of a Republican’s scapegoat.

2) Unlike Christine O’Donnell, she did not just dabble in witchcraft, but was far more serious about it.

3) She had threatened to endorse and campaign for those representatives who voted against her.

4) She was endorsed by Democratic National Committee as “grandma grizzly”.

5) Democrats wanted to show that they are against the business as usual.  But just as the election, it did not quite work out.

John Boehner:

1) This is how the Party of No reacted to the idea of finding a competent leader.

2) Junior Republican representative were very excited to let Boehner run things and make decisions for them, and only later have learned that it is actually pronounced as “Beh-ner”.

3) Other candidates were deemed too likely to accomplish something positive or useful.

4) Voting for Boehner unanimously, the Republican party wanted to show what they think of democracy.

5) Republicans did not want to make him cry.

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