10 Reactions to the Latest Release by Wikileaks

Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)@HITBSecConf2009 KL

Today, Wikileaks released over 250000 classified US State Department documents.  This action has prompted a wide range of different reactions, from some praising the founder of the Wikileaks as a hero, while others have called for him to be hanged by a firing squad.  So here are 10 of the reactions to the release of the documents by Wikileaks:

1) Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State: The release of a quarter million of diplomatic cables represents a major blow to the credibility of our administration.  If an American citizen had committed such a act, he would have been immediately arrested and executed for treason.  However, Julian Assange is not an American citizen, and therefore unfortunately not subject to our law.   I hope he realizes that he had endangered the lives of many people.  Specifically, those people who had leaked and posted these documents!

2) Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State: Hillary, I warned you that this Life Lock identity theft protection is a scam!

3) John Boehner, Republican party leader: The release of a quarter million of diplomatic cables represents a major blow to the credibility of Obama administration.  Thank you, Julian!

4) Osama bin Laden: Jonh, +1

5) Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman: The release of the classified government document is a major setback to our efforts to keep the government more open, accountable and transparent.

6) King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: United states must cut off the head of the snake!  We, of course, speak of that Assange infidel.  And better yet, US must cut off his head, and cut off his snake!

7) David Petraeus, commander of US forces in Afghanistan: The release of these documents will endanger lives of American soldiers.  Speaking of American soldiers, we want to send 20,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

8) Brian Cowan, Prime Minister of Ireland: As a part of Ireland cost-cutting measures, we will permanently close the Ireland’s intelligence agency G-2, replacing it with a premium subscription to Wikileaks.

9) Karin Rosander, spokeswoman for the Swedish Prosecution Authority: We are releasing another Interpol arrest order for Mr. Assange who is now being investigated for attempted aggravated jaywalking.  He is also wanted on a suspicion of pre-meditated throwing of a cigarette butt on the street.  Any police agency attempting to apprehend Mr. Assange is authorized, and encouraged, to use lethal force during his arrest.  This is in no way related to the release of these documents or the classified diplomatic request from the US State Department to our office that is a part of the documents Mr. Assange intends to release next week.

10) Joe Biden, Vice President: The release by Julian Assange of thousands of documents that expose the not always clean underworkings of US diplomacy, is a brave and honest action, an action in the very spirit of our nations Founding Fathers, and a deed befitting a true American hero from the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.  It is therefore my honor to offer Mr. Julian an American citizenship, and it is my sincere hope that Mr. Assange accepts our offer and becomes a citizen of United States of America… so that we can arrest him and execute him for treason!… Wait, did I just say that last part out loud?

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