10 Reasons Why Russia And Qatar Will Host the World Cups in 2018 and 2022

Fifa World cup

Today, FIFA has made a decision that 2018 Soccer World Cup will be held in Russia, while Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup.  Here are 10 reasons why Russia and Qatar were selected.

Why Russia:

1) This will give Russia a chance to make up for the 2014 Winter Olympics.  And yes, Russia will need to make up for 2014 Olympics.

2) Russia had mentioned in its World Cup application that it has some nuclear weapons that are getting close to the expiration date.

3) Vladimir Putin was tired of Judo, horse riding and hunting and wanted to try a different sport.

4) When selecting a host country for the World Cup and planning an event so many years in the future, FIFA preferred the country which will still be ruled by the same person 8 years later.

5) FIFA wanted to show that there are places with more corruption than FIFA.

Why Qatar:

1) FIFA had decided that getting more money was much more important than trying to point out that that there are places with more corruption than FIFA.

2) After World Cup in Russia, Qatar would be the perfect place to warm up and get sober.

3) FIFA wanted to allow the world learn about Qatar, and allow Qatar to learn about soccer.

4) FIFA had decided that stonings and beheadings would be more effective than yellow and red cards against fouls.

5) Because alcohol, drugs, tobacco and prostitution are banned in Qatar, the players would actually be able to concentrate on playing soccer.

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