10 Hidden Fees The Airlines Will Have To Disclose

Southwest Airlines

Image by kevindooley via Flickr

The Department of Transportation issued additional regulations for the airline industry that require the airlines to disclose many of of their hidden fees and show the full price on the ticket.  Here are 10 of the hidden fees the airlines will now have to disclose.

1)  Keeping your air traffic controller awake fee.

2)  Keeping your air traffic controller awake and while also keeping him from watching a movie premium service charge.

3)  Lavatory use fee.

4)  Smoking in the airplane lavatory fee.  Actually, that fee is usually posted in the airplane lavatories.

5)  Mile high club membership fee.   Not a member?  Well, it is your loss: why do you think you have pay the lavatory use fee?

6)  Duct-tape surcharge to prevent the top of airplane cabin from being ripped apart during the flight.

8)  Luggage fee for those traveling with luggage, carry-on fee for those traveling with only a carry-on, and a convenience screw-you-we-will-charge-you-anyway fee for those traveling without a luggage or carry-on.

9)  VIP Pat-Down fee for a private and much more pleasant pat-down experience.  A passenger must have plenty of dollar bills available for tipping.

10)  Hidden fees disclosure fee.  The customer must first pay this fee in full in order to see the fee #7.

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