10 Other Things Which Standard & Poor’s Had Also Downgraded

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Last Friday, the Standard & Poor’s rating agency downgraded the USA debt credit rating from AAA to AA+.  S&P then went on a downgrade rampage, lowering the credit ratings of Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac,  thousands of municipal bonds and basically everything that moves.  Here are some other things that Standard & Poor’s had also downgraded.

1) Continuing with the clean up of the AAA ratings, Standard and Poors‘ downgraded AAA batteries to AA+ batteries.  In addition, although these batteries had previously had both positive and negative sides, the S&P had changed the outlook on both sides to “negative”.

2) Barack Obama has been downgraded to Barack Obam.  S&P has stated, however, that if economy improves sufficiently, the president could be upgraded, but only up to Barack Obam+.

3) Due to continuing riots and looting, London had been downgraded to Detroit+.

4) After the Treasury Department had caught S&P making the $2 trillion dollar math error in its downgrade calculation for US bonds, the rating agency had subsequently downgraded its own $2 trillion error to “unimportant”.

5) Google+ has been downgraded to just Google.  As a result of the downgrade, any private or embarrassing information you had already posted on Google+ will now be available on Google.

6) After serious deliberations, S&P had decided to downgrade the number pi from 3.1415926535898… to 2.99 citing the uncertainties in the current number and concerns over uncontrollable growth of the number of decimals in the number.  Among the other major reasons for the downgrade of pi, S&P had quoted the fact that the number pi is 100% irrational, which is 2% even less rational than US government which had already been downgraded.

7) Finally, S&P had downgraded this post to only 7 items.

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