10 Reactions To Mitt Romney’s 47% Video

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Ok, so it was 99% percent, now minus 47%, times 35% tax rate, minus 8% unemployment, divide $16 trillion national debt by that.. Carry the two… I HATE MATH!!!!  Screw it, voting for whoever’s name is first on the ballot! (Photo credit: YN Play City)

This week, an undercover video made in May at one of Mitt Romney’s $50,000-a-plate fundraisers had gone viral. In a video, Mitt Romney had talked about the 47% percent who pay no income taxes, live off the government handouts, avoid personal responsibility, have victim mentality and will vote for Obama no matter what. Mitt Romney also called just the 5%-10% independent voters thoughtful, essentially calling the remaining 90% to 95% of Americans dumb.  Here are 10 of the reactions to the video.

1)  David Axelrod: That was by far the best $50K ever spent by the Obama campaign.

2)  R. Bradford Malt, Mitt Romney’s financial trustee: To tell you the truth, Mitt Romney is only beating up on the 47% who pay no income tax because the IRS won’t let him join them.

3)  Gallup: According to our most recent poll, Obama’s approval rating stands at 52% among the adult population. This indicates that the nation’s current moocher ratio stands at 52%.

4)  Conservative pundits concerned with winning the election: Psssst…Mitt… ix-nay on the 7%-4ay, man…

5)  Conservative pundits not really concerned with winning the election: You go Mitt! Tell it like it is! And don’t ignore Obama’s birth certificate! And make this election about Jeremiah Wright!!!

6)  Mary Schapiro, Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission: In light of Mitt Romney’s recent behavior inconsistent with that of a serious presidential candidate, and combined with the recent news that his campaign is in debt while possibly overstating its assets, we are opening an investigation of the Mitt Romney’s election campaign as a possible Ponzi scheme.

7)  Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate: No, Mitt Romney did not say anything like that! Absolutely not! What video? There were no video. And that’s the truth! Have I ever lied to you? But let’s talk about the real issues: while you are making a fuss about some imaginary videos, Obama is planning to sell your firstborn sons to China!

8)  Rick Salomon, CEO of CelebritySexTapes.com: Initially we were very excited when we heard a rumor of a potential Mitt Romney’s sex tape and were ready to offer a lot of money for it. But we kind of lost interest when we actually watched the video and saw that the only person Romney is screwing in the video is Mitt Romney himself.

9)  Terry Bob Hart, President of NAAWT (National Association for the Advancement of White Trash): Even though our entire trailer park is too poor to pay income tax, by voting for Mitt Romney we will show everyone that we are not lazy bums and freeloaders! Of course, we hope that our government checks won’t be late so we could buy gas to drive to the polling station.

10)  Mitt Romney: That was an old video, and my views have evolved 180 degrees since then. I no longer believe that 47% of Americans are freeloaders. My position is totally opposite to what I had said before, and I am now convinced that 53% are freeloaders.

Conservative pundits concerned with winning the election but kind of losing hope: Damnit…

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11 Responses to 10 Reactions To Mitt Romney’s 47% Video

  1. I blame Obama for making Romney say those ridiculous things. It’s over-regulation and Obama-socialism driving Romney insane.


    • List of X says:

      Considering that Romney is running as a “Not Obama” candidate, he can’t afford to say any rational things, otherwise the distinction between him and Obama would be blurred. I agree, it is totally Obama’s fault.


  2. Ape No. 1 says:

    I think Mitt 47% understands why that video has received so much negative attention.


  3. Haha, love #8. That’s one scandalous video for sure!


    • List of X says:

      and it’s probably inappropriate for children as well. I mean, those freeloader children ARE the real target of Romney’s remarks: they aren’t paying any taxes at all, shun personal responsibility, and do have a victim mentality, especially in their teens.


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  5. Yev says:

    Video, shmideo. Under the Bush administration, the wait for iPhones was much shorter than under Obama! We need to return to the tried&true policies of having fewer people afford iPhones, so I get mine faster.


    • List of X says:

      I was just getting a non-iPhone phone at the AT&T store, and at some times the store was completely empty. People need to get off their asses and get in lines! Seems like those 47% are just sitting at home waiting for the government to mail them an iPhone 5!


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