10 Characteristics Of The Prehistoric Dinosaur Species Named Obamadon

Obamadon's rare Facebook photo

Obamadon vacationing at a prehistoric golf course.

According to this week’s news, paleontologists at Yale University have discovered a new species of prehistoric lizard-like dinosaur that lived 65 million years ago, and named it “Obamadon Gracilis” after the president Barack Obama.  Here are 10 characteristics of this new dinosaur:

1)  Obamadon’s natural predators were Boehnerasaurus, Ericantorotops, and a turtle-like Mitchmacconnell.

2)  Obamadon’s life span was originally estimated to be 4 years, but was recently revised to 8 years.

3)  Similar to a modern chameleon, Obamadon is believed to be able to partially change its appearance to match the surrounding environment.

4)  Scientists believe that Obamadon descended from another species of lizards endemic to Kenya.  Actual origin is believed to be in US but some paleontologists remain unconvinced by evidence, and demand to see a fossilized birth certificate.

5)  When attacked by a predator, Obamadon’s preferred strategy was to compromise.

6)  Obamadon was very territorial. When competing against a male of a different species for the control of an area, Obamadon fought for domination by aggressively running against its competitor.

7)  For some unclear reason, Obamadon was commonly found near cliffs.

8)  It was not clear how the lizard itself had evolved, but the scientists have found the evidence of evolution of Obamadon’s views.

9)  Fossil analysis showed that Obamadon shares a lot of DNA with the modern Big Bird.

10) Republican paleontologists blame Obamadon for the extinction of dinosaurs.

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    Delightfully creative.


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  4. Do You now anything about Pachycephalosaurus








    Tyrannosaurus Rex



    If so you should post some about them i enjoy reading your posts!!(:


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