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10 Things Airport Security Actually Does

If you had ever flown on a commercial flight in the US in the last 15 years, you have surely had some experience with the airport security, also known as the TSA, also known as the fiercest foe of scissors and … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Homeland Security Replaced the Color-Coded Terror Alerts System

After 9 years of working hard to instill fear into the hearts of Americans using the color-coded terror threat system with the colors going from green to red, the Department of Homeland Security will change to a different, more specific … Continue reading

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10 Ways How TSA Is Making The World A Better Place

The Transportation Security Administration at the US airports is getting their new full-body security scanners and new enhanced patdown process which is only slightly less intrusive than an autopsy, and no wonder that passengers, pilots, and flight attendants are revolting … Continue reading

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