10 Main Takeaways From The First 2020 Presidential Debate

An especially low point during the debate, where both candidates were heatedly discussing the size of the President’s manhood.
(image source: Fox)

Last night, America witnessed the first presidential debate with a long-awaited (and socially distanced) face-off between President Donald J. Trump and the Democratic party nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. It was a rather chaotic affair that was only occasionally moderated by Fox News’s Chris Wallace, that was meant to give the voters a more clear understanding of which candidate they dislike more. So here are 10 main takeaways from the debate, at least as much as I have been able to determine from all the incessant interruptions and cross-talk.

1)  Who Made A Stronger Appeal To The Undecided Voters? Joe Biden made a strong appeal to the undecided voters by decisively proving that he is able to stand upright and speak without the assistance of others. On the other hand, Donald Trump once again made a powerful pitch to the voters who were still undecided whether Trump was fully committed to supporting their white supremacist cause.

2)  Biggest Shock Of The Debate:  Donald Trump’s finding out that people dare to yell at him and interrupt his interrupting of Joe Biden.

3)  Most Predictable Part Of The Debate:  Donald Trump agreeing to the rules of the debate only to constantly break them for the next 1.5 hours.

4)  Biggest Problem Facing America Right Now:  Hunter Biden and his shady business deals.

5)  Fitness To Be President: Joe Biden: Based on his debate performances, Joe Biden does not quite give an impression that he is fit to be president. It appears that his team refused a pre-debate drug test only because even a tiniest needle prick could have left Biden even more deflated.

6)  Fitness To Be President: Donald Trump: Trump confirmed his image as someone who has plenty of fitness and stamina but should be kept as far away from the presidency as possible.

7)  Top Senior Moment, Donald Trump: Trump appeared to confuse two similar-sounding words and instead of condemning white supremacists began commanding white supremacists.

8)  Top Senior Moment, Joe Biden:  Joe Biden’s debate performance. Also, throughout the debate, Biden was struggling to talk in complete sentences, although it was mostly because Donald Trump wouldn’t let Biden finish them.

10)  Biggest Lie Of The Debate:  Chris Wallace repeatedly calling what was happening on the stage “a Presidential Debate”.

10)  Who Won The Debate:  This is complicated as Donald Trump refused to accept the result of the vote on who won the debate should the result show a Biden’s victory, and vowed to contest the result all the way to the Supreme Court.

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12 Responses to 10 Main Takeaways From The First 2020 Presidential Debate

  1. Without taking sides and keeping my political views to myself until Election Day (or at least until the day I mail in that ballot), all I can say is that it was extremely painful to watch. I think I’ll skip the next two circus events.

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  2. Tippy Gnu says:

    Funny stuff. I like #7 best. It really did seem like Trump was commanding the white supremacists, like some sort of platoon sergeant.

    I guess #9 wasn’t so good, so you decided to skip it and have two #10s.


    • List of X says:

      And to make the platoon sergeant comparison complete, the white supremacists were actually like, Sir Yes Sir!
      I guess I could have fact-checked my numbers, but with the level of accuracy of the debate it did not seem to be worth the effort.

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  3. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    2020 DEBATE …. “It was a rather chaotic affair that was only occasionally moderated by Fox News’s Chris Wallace, that was meant to give the voters a more clear understanding of which candidate they dislike more. ” … BEYOND CHAOS!!

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  4. If there is a second debate, the Biden team could substitute Mr. Biden with one of those toys that responds when you speak to it. As long as the toy’s batteries are good for 90 minutes we could sit back and watch Donald Trump endlessly interrupting a toy.

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  5. Trent Lewin says:

    Number 7 is simply legend. Great list, X.


  6. So a senior-assisted senior moment???


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