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10 Absolutely Essential Items Pentagon Gave To Your Local Police

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where peaceful protesters faced St Louis county police equipped with machine guns, gas masks, camouflage, and armored vehicles, has made it clear that your local police department might be armed well enough to defeat the army of a country … Continue reading

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10 Pentagon Strategies For Defeating A Zombie Invasion

We live in a dangerous world, and we’re so lucky to have the United States military that worth every penny of that half a trillion dollars it costs every year. Because Pentagon is prepared for not just the foreseeable threats like a North … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why The Congress Voted To Increase The Defense Spending

Last Friday, the Republican-controlled House of Representative voted for $642.5 Billion defense budget, which was even more than the Pentagon had requested.  Just to put that in perspective, that much money is enough for the GSA to hold a luxurious … Continue reading

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